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  • Starts in the right service court

  • Must be hit underhand from behind the baseline

  • Must land cross-court into opposing teams service court

  • Must clear the net and not land in the kitchen

Double Bounce Rule

  • The ball must bounce once on each side before either team may start volleying the ball in the air

The Kitchen (no volley zone)

  • Players can not hit the ball while standing in the kitchen unless the ball has already bounced on their side

The Rally Ends if:

  • The ball is hit out of bounds

  • The ball is hit into the net

  • The ball bounces more than once on one side

Introduction to pickleball



General Scoring Rules

  • Scoring- Played until 11 points, win by 2 points.

  • Serving- Only the serving team can score points.

  • Calling Score- Before serving, the server must call out their score first and the opposing team's score second, followed by the serving number (server #1 or #2).

Singles Scoring Rules

  • Serving- Each player only serves once.

  • Calling Score- Only the score is called out before each service because the serving number is irrelevant in singles.

  • First Serve- The service is always started on the right service court. 

  • Switching- If the server wins a rally, then the switch to the left service court, switching continues until the server loses a rally.

Doubles Scoring Rules

  • First Serve of Play- The service starts with the player standing in the right service court and is treated as a second serve so as to not give the first team serving an unfair advantage (0,0,2).

  • First Server- The player in the right service court will always serve first for their team.

  • Switching- If the serving team scores a point, then the two teammates switch service courts and continue switching until they lose a rally.

  •  Second Server- Once the first server loses a rally, the second server will then serve from their current position.

  • Opposing Team- Once the second server loses a rally the opposing team now takes possession (sideout).

Official USAPA Rulebook

Scoring for Pickleball
USAPA Rulebook
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